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Acro Intensive

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Acro Intensive

Dates: June 17-21 & July 15-19
Times: 2pm – 4pm
Tuition: $140 per week
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Step into the dynamic and exciting world of acrobatics with our Acro Intensive for Beginner to Intermediate levels at LA Dance Academy! This specially designed program focuses on building a strong foundation in acrobatic skills while emphasizing strength and conditioning, crucial for your child’s development.

Over a week, your child will engage in targeted exercises to enhance their core strength, flexibility, and balance, essential for acrobatic proficiency. This intensive is perfect for young acrobats eager to challenge themselves and elevate their skills in a fun, supportive environment. Register now and watch your child flip, tumble, and soar to new heights!

  • Front Limber
  • Front Walkover
  • Backbend Kickover
  • Chest Stands
young boy in tumbling class at LA Dance Academy working on his handstands
advanced acro student working on their back tuck

Acro Intensive

Dates: June 17-21 & July 15-19
Times: 4pm – 6pm
Tuition: $140 per week
(Register Now)

This intensive is designed to push the boundaries of your child’s acrobatic skills, focusing on advanced strength and conditioning to enhance their power, agility, and endurance. Over a week of intense training, our experienced instructors will guide participants through a range of acro tricks and variations, challenging them to elevate their technique and precision.

Your child will work on mastering complex maneuvers, incorporating them into fluid sequences that demonstrate control and artistic expression. This intensive is an ideal opportunity for young acrobats to refine their skills, conquer new challenges, and achieve a higher level of acrobatic prowess in a supportive and motivating environment. Register now and prepare your child for an unforgettable journey of acrobatic excellence!

  • Walkover Variations
  • Front Head Springs
  • Aerials
  • Back Handsprings

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