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Dance Classes at LA Dance Academy

check out the most popular dance classes in Covington and Mandeville

Here at LA Dance Academy,  we bring dance to life – literally and figuratively. Offering the most eclectic Dance Classes in the Covington and Mandeville area, we’re the Dance Studio of choice for hundreds of parents on the Northshore.

We specialize in teaching Dance to children from the age of 18 months up through adulthood. Whether your child is a beginner who has never taken a dance class or they are an experienced dancer just looking for a new (better) studio, LA Dance Academy is for everybody.

Please scroll down to view the variety of Dance Classes we offer. Some parents find it easier to schedule an in-studio tour to help us determine which classes would be best. To set up a Consultation and Studio Tour, call us at 985-317-2966 or contact us online.

Ballet Classes for Beginners
Our Ballet Students at LA Dance Academy.

Ballet Classes and Lessons
learn from ballet professionals

Parents who want the best Ballet education for their child choose LA Dance Academy. Learn more about our Ballet Classes and why our studio is the choice for caring parents, like you.

Jazz Dance Classes
great music, fun times, and plenty of sass

Less structured than ballet, but just as much fun, our Jazz Dance Classes are the perfect fit for children that want to dance with sass and style.

young dancers at LA Dance Academy working on their jazz style in class
Advanced Jazz Classes in Covington, Louisiana.
Students in a Contemporary Dance Class at LA Dance Academy.
Contemporary Dance Lessons

Contemporary Dance Classes
allow your child to express their emotions with technique and poise

Contemporary Dance Classes allow your child to take their technique to the next level. This style requires a strong ballet background with leaps jumps and fluid movement that will tell a story on stage.

Acrobatic Dance Classes
flip with our certified teachers

Your child will learn how to perfect that aerial while learning jazz elements and floorwork. If your child is flipping off the couch, this is the right class for them.

certified acro teacher helping a student work on their aerial
Acro Dance Classes at LA Dance Academy
Students taking Beginner Tap Dance Lessons at LA Dance Academy in Covington.
Tap Dancing Classes

Tap Dance Classes
make music with your feet

Tap class allows your child to have fun while making music with their feet. If your child is always shuffling their feet around the house, this class is perfect for them.

Lyrical Dance Classes
interpret music into movement

Lyrical Dance Class is a combination of Ballet, Jazz dance styles geared to interpreting the music into dance moves. If your child is twirling around the living room during their favorite movie song, this is the right class for them.

Lyrical Dance Classes at LA Dance Academy.
beginner lyrical student working on her back flexibility and lyrical movement
Hip Hop Dance Classes for Boys, Girls in Covington Louisiana.
Hip Hop Dance Classes Covington Louisiana

Hip-Hop Dance Classes
move and groove with rhythm and fun

Hip-Hop Dance Class is a high-energy exciting class where your child will learn a variety of dance styles to popular music. If your child loves to make music videos at home, this is the right class for them.

Musical Theatre Classes
show off your inner diva

Musical theatre class will teach your child acting, singing, and dance moves seen in popular musicals. If your child is singing and acting in the mirror this class is a perfect fit for them.

young children learning how to act in LA Dance Academy's musical theatre class.

Private Dance Classes that advance your child’s dance career

No matter the style of Dance that your child prefers LA Dance Academy offers Private Lessons.

Private Dance Lessons are a great way to give your child individualized instruction with our experienced Dance Instructors.

Are Private Dance Lessons right for your child, or children?

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