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Lyrical Intensive

Unleash your child’s artistic potential with expressive dance and creative storytelling.

Lyrical Intensive

Dates: June 10-14 & July 22-26
Times: 2pm – 4pm
Tuition: $140 per week
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Our Lyrical Intensive at LA Dance Academy is an essential experience for any young dancer. This program is designed to blend ballet’s technical precision with the expressive movements of jazz and contemporary dance, creating a unique and dynamic style.

Your child will explore how to convey complex emotions and stories through dance, enhancing their ability to perform with technical and emotional expression. Your child will not only improve their dance technique but also develop as a versatile, expressive artist.

  • Musicality and Rhythm
  • Turns, Leaps, & Jump
  • Floorwork and Extensions
  • Emotional Expression and Storytelling
beginner lyrical dancer poising in her costume before the annual recital
advanced lyrical dancer doing floorwork in class during an intensive at LA Dance Academy

Lyrical Intensive

Dates: June 10-14 & July 22-26
Times: 4 pm – 6 pm
Tuition: $140 per week
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LA Dance Academy’s Intermediate to Advanced Lyrical Intensive program is designed to refine technique, enhance emotional expression, and foster artistic growth. This intensive provides an immersive experience where dancers delve into the nuanced complexities of lyrical dance, blending the fluidity of ballet with the storytelling of contemporary styles.

Your child will engage in advanced technical training, mastering intricate turns, leaps, and combinations, all while deepening their emotional connectivity and interpretive skills. Our expert instructors will guide them through challenging choreography, tailored to cultivate expressiveness, creativity, and stage presence. Secure a spot for your child in our Lyrical Intensive and watch them soar to new heights in their dance journey!

  • Stretch and Flexibility
  • Turns, Leaps & Jumps
  • Floorwork & Extensions
  • Advanced Choreography

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