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Ballet Classes and Lessons

Parents choose LA Dance Academy for their child’s ballet education more than any other studio

the Best Ballet Classes on the Northshore ages 2-17

Ballet is a classical art form that has been enjoyed for centuries. While some people may view it as an activity exclusively for adults or aspiring professional dancers, ballet can be a wonderful activity for kids. Ballet lessons for children provide physical exercise and numerous benefits in areas such as mental and social development.

Here at LA Dance Academy, we provide children like yours with the best Ballet instruction in the Covington and Mandeville area. Our professional instructors, all thoroughly trained in the art of Ballet, will help your little dancer start their Ballet journey or help them further it.

See why more Parents choose LA Dance Academy for their child’s Ballet Lessons than any other Dance Studio on the Northshore.

One of our Ballet Students at LA Dance Academy
Our Ballet Students learning on the Barres at our Ballet Studio

Finding Ballet was like finding this missing piece of myself.Misty Copeland | Professional Dancer

our Ballet Classes provide many benefits for your Child Classes for All Ages

Ballet is a fantastic activity for kids, as it provides numerous physical, mental, and social benefits. Physically, ballet is a full-body workout that improves flexibility, coordination, balance, and posture. Mentally, ballet requires focus, memory, and discipline, teaching kids important life skills such as perseverance and attention to detail.

Additionally, ballet can inspire a lifelong love of the arts and even provide a foundation for a career in the arts.

Read about the Benefits of Ballet for Children

Ballet I
beginner level dancers

Times: 6:00 – 6:45 pm & 6:45 pm – 7:30 pm (45- Minute Class)
Days of the Week: Mondays  6:45-7:30 pm, Wednesdays 6:00-6:45 pm
Tuition: $55/Month
Rolling Enrollment: (Register Now)

This class is designed for beginner-level dancers who are new to classical ballet or have limited experience in dance.

Your child will begin the class with a proper center ballet stretch to help them develop proper alignment, strength, and flexibility. Your child will then move into learning all five positions of the feet and port de bra, working on plies, tendus, and relieves in the center of the floor.

Beginner Ballet Classes at LA Dance Academy
Our Ballet Students at LA Dance Academy.
intermediate ballet student working on her posture at the ballet barre
Students taking Ballet Lessons from one of our Dance Instructors.

Ballet II
beginner/intermediate dancers

(Ballet II Beginner)
: 6 pm – 7 pm
Days of the Week: Tuesdays
Tuition: $70/Month
Rolling Enrollment:
(Register Now)

Ballet II (Intermediate)
: 5 pm – 6 pm
Days of the Week: Wednesdays
Tuition: $70/Month
Rolling Enrollment:
 (Register Now)

Our intermediate ballet classes are designed for students who have already developed a solid foundation of ballet technique and are ready to build upon that foundation with more complex movements and combinations. Our experienced instructors are trained to teach ballet in a way that is both rigorous and accessible, allowing each student to progress at their own pace while also challenging themselves to reach new heights.

Ballet III
advanced dancers

Times: 5:15 pm – 6:45 pm
Days of the Week: Thursday
Tuition: $75/Month
Rolling Enrollment:
(Register Now)

Our Intermediate-Level Dance Classes are the dance classes of choice for parents looking to take their child’s dance instruction to the next level. These classes are popular with Students who are looking to change from their current studio when it doesn’t offer the expertise that LA Dance Academy does.

ballet student having a private lesson with director of LA Dance Academy
Advanced ballet dancers working on their pirouettes across the floor in ballet class
ballet student learning how to tie her pointe shoes in pre-pointe class at LA Dance Academy
Dancer in her pointe shoes working at the barre in pre-pointe class.

intermediate dancers

Times: 6:45 pm – 7:30 pm  (45- Minute Class)
Days of the Week: Thursdays
Tuition: $55/Month
Rolling Enrollment:
(Register Now)

Pre-pointe dance class is designed to prepare students for the physical demands of pointe work. In this class, students will focus on building strength and control in their legs, feet, and ankles through a variety of exercises and drills at the barre.

An evaluation from one of our qualified instructors is required prior to registering for Pre-Pointe.

Interested in signing your child up for Ballet Education?

LA Dance Academy has long been recognized as the best Dance Studio for Ballet Classes on the Northshore. Our Classes often fill up months in advance, especially our Ballet Classes, so don’t wait!

Please fill out the form or call us at 985-317-2966.

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