Stephanie Simeon, Director of LA Dance Academy in Covington.

Stephanie Simeon
Passion for DanceDirector of LA Dance Academy

Stephanie Simeon, Director of LA Dance Academy has over 30 years of dance training.

BFA Dance: Performance and Choreography from University of Southern Mississippi.

Stephanie’s Dance Education includes 16 years at Mary Dees’s Dance Studio in Covington. Once Stephanie decided she wanted to pursue dance as a career, she enrolled at the University of Southern Mississippi. She studied and trained in Ballet, Modern, Composition, Dance History, Music Analysis, Improvisation, Labonotation, & Methods of Teaching Dance.

After college, Stephanie pursued her career as a professional dancer. She performed 16 pieces in 4 years with the USM Repertory Dance Company, choreographed 3 pieces for the Dance Company, and was Stage Manager in 2004 for the Company. She moved to LA (Los Angeles) where she joined Donna Sternberg & Dancer in Santa Monica. That company performed all over California and Mexico. I became a member of the Dance Masters – Dixie Chapter in 2014 and remain in good standings.

My teaching experience started under the supervision of Mary Dee Brinkman in 1995. After college I taught in Bluffton, SC at Bluffton School of Dance and after my professional career in LA (Los Angeles) I moved back to Covington in 2012 where I taught alongside Mary Dee at Mary Dee’s Dance Studio, teaching all ages and competitive students, ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, modern, and contemporary.

Stephanie’s Classes

Stephanie is a dynamic instructor who brings creativity and expertise to a diverse range of classes at our studio. With a passion for nurturing young talent, she leads engaging preschool classes, fostering early development through movement and play. In tap, she instills rhythm and precision, guiding students through intricate footwork with enthusiasm. In the realm of musical theatre, Stephanie ignites imagination, blending acting, singing, and dancing into captivating performances. Her ballet classes emphasize grace and technique, instilling a strong foundation for aspiring dancers. For the more seasoned dancers, Stephanie’s advanced jazz and contemporary classes push boundaries, exploring expressive movement and innovative choreography. Through her dedication and skill, Stephanie inspires students to discover their potential and flourish in the world of dance.

Young preschool dancers in preschool dance class at LA Dance Academy learning ballet steps

Tiny Dancers

Our Tiny Dancers Dance Class is perfect for preschoolers and toddlers ages 2-5. Focusing on basic dance instruction, learning tap, ballet, and tumbling while having fun with interactive music and games. This class is great for children who have been to preschool or have taken dance classes.

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Young ballet dancer at LA Dance Academy working on her arabesque


At LA Dance Academy, we provide children like yours with the best Ballet instruction in the Covington and Mandeville area. Our professional instructors, all thoroughly trained in the art of Ballet, will help your little dancer start their Ballet journey or help them further it.

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Jazz dancer smiling during jazz class at LA Dance Academy


Jazz dance is a form of dance that is energetic, expressive, and fun. It incorporates a wide range of movements including jumps, turns, kicks, and leaps, and is often set to upbeat, modern music.

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tap dancers working on making quality sounds with their tap shoes


If you’ve ever wanted to learn Tap Dancing, LA Dance Academy is the #1 Dance Studio on the Northshore for learning this fun dance style. Tap Dance is a form of dance that uses special shoes with metal plates on the sole to create rhythmic sounds and patterns.

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Advanced Contemporary class with a dancers from LA Dance Academy


Contemporary dance is a captivating and expressive form of movement that combines lyrical, jazz, and ballet, creating a unique and modern artistic experience. It encourages dancers to explore their creativity, individuality, and emotions through fluid movements, flexibility, and improvisation.

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young children learning how to act in LA Dance Academy's musical theatre class.

Musical Theatre

Musical theatre is a form of theatrical performance that combines singing, acting, and dancing to tell a story. It includes the integration of music, lyrics, spoken dialogue, and choreography to convey emotions, advance the plot, and engage the audience.

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