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Competitive Dance can offer your child many benefits, including the opportunity to develop discipline, teamwork, and self-confidence. By having your child participate in our competition team, your child will be able to set goals for themselves and work towards achieving them, which will build a strong sense of self-motivation and determination. 

Our team provides a supportive and encouraging community for your child who will share their passion for dance with their teammates building friendships and a strong bond forever.

Elite Team
great music, fun times, and plenty of sass

This team is designed for the child who is serious about dance and ready to expand their dance technique and stage experience. Our Elite Team will compete in 4 regional competitions a season and one national competition.

Your child will be required to take a specific technique class a week, weekly rehearsals, and Saturday practices. Your child will be trained and coached by experienced professionals who will work to push your child to their full potential. If your child is committed, disciplined, and has a passion for dance, this is the team for them.

Senior Elite Team at LA Dance Academy smiling together
Elite Team from LA Dance Academy smiling during a team building event
Performance competition team at LA Dance Academy
LA Dance Academy's performance competition team

Performance Team 2023-2024

This team is designed for the child that is experienced in dance but has little to no experience in competitive dance. This team focuses on refining technique, developing more complex choreography, and improving performance skills such as synchronization and artistry.

Your child will compete in 4 regional competitions a season and one national competition. If your child is looking for a challenging opportunity that will help them take their dancing to the next level and compete on stage, this is the team for them.

Mini Team great for beginners

This team is designed for the child who is starting to develop their dance skills and has limited experience dancing on stage. This team is focused on building a strong foundation in dance technique and developing performance skills such as stage presence and musicality.

Your child will dance in 1 group dance and compete in 2 regional competitions a season. If your child is interested in having more performance opportunities a year and ready to take their dance training to the competition stage, this is the team for them.

Mini team at LA Dance Academy at the lakefront for a bonding event
Mini team smiling after a rehearsal at LA Dance Academy
LA Dance Academy's Stars Team making funny faces and having fun
Stars competition team at LA Dance Academy

Star Team 2023-2024

The Star Team is designed for children ages 5-7 with little to no dance experience who would like to explore the world of dance and performance. Your child will focus on building a strong foundation in basic dance techniques and developing confidence and stage experience. 

This team focuses on introducing your child to the joy of dance while teaching them valuable skills such as teamwork, discipline, and self-expression. Your Child will compete in 1 regional competition a season. If your child is looking for a fun and exciting opportunity to develop their love for dance and performing on stage, this is the right team for them.

Try Out for our Competitive Dance Teams
all ages

To be a part of our Competitive Dance Teams, you are required to attend tryouts. Our Tryouts are held every Spring at out Studio. As a Student of LA Dance Academy, you’ll be informed of when tryouts will be held at least 3 months in advance. This gives you the opportunity to work on the skills in which you may need more work.

Every student will be give a score during their tryout, which one opportunity to come back and tryout if you do not qualify on your first attempt.

One of ur Dancers at a Regional Dance Competition after training with LA Dance Academy.
Two of our Dance Students performing their Dance Routine for the Judges at a Dance Competition.

Regional Dance Competitions
join us on stage and perform for their crowds

Our Competition Team performs at a number of Regional Dance Competitions each year. These Dance Competitions usually take place in Baton Rouge or Biloxi, all an easy drive for your family to attend and watch your child perform.

Depending on their performance, many students can qualify for National Dance Competitions which can be held at many cities across the Country, including New York City. Each year, LA Dance Academy is proud to teach Students which qualify for Nationals.