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Summer Dance Intensives

Dance into Summer Excellence at LA Dance Academy – Elevate Your Skills, Ignite Your Passion!

Dance Intensive
for beginner – advanced

Summer Dance Intensives, catering to children of all levels from beginners to advanced enthusiasts! Immerse your child in a dynamic and inclusive environment where passion meets technique. Our intensives feature a diverse range of styles, including jazz, acrobatics, ballet, and more.

Whether your child is taking their first dance steps or aiming to refine advanced techniques, our experienced instructors will guide them through a curriculum designed to enhance skills, foster creativity, and build confidence. Join us for a summer filled with movement, expression, and the joy of dance – an experience that transcends levels and celebrates the artistry within each dancer.

young dancers at LA Dance Academy working on their jazz style in class

Jazz Intensive
June 3-7th & July 29 – Aug 2nd

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Dive into the dynamic world of jazz dance with our one-week intensive tailored for both beginner/intermediate and intermediate/advanced levels! In this exhilarating program, where your child will indulge in two hours of daily classes designed to elevate their skills and ignite their passion for jazz. From focused conditioning and flexibility training to mastering the art of leaps and turns, participants will delve into the intricacies of stylized combinations and more.

Lyrical Intensive
June 10-14 & July 22-26

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Elevate your child’s dance expression with our Lyrical Dance Intensive, catering to both beginner/intermediate and intermediate/advanced levels! Over one week, dancers will immerse themselves in two hours of daily classes, delving into the emotive and fluid artistry of lyrical dance.

Your child will explore the nuances of storytelling through movement while receiving personalized guidance from our skilled instructors. This intensive is designed to nurture a deeper connection between movement and emotion, allowing your child to convey their unique narratives through the beauty of lyrical

Acro Intensive
June 17-21 & July 15-19

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Your child will embark on an exhilarating journey with our week-long Acro Intensive, designed for participants of all levels eager to master gravity-defying tricks! Over the week, your child will dedicate two hours each day to building strength, flexibility, and acro tricks they feel confident in.

Under the expert guidance of our instructors, participants will not only gain the tricks they desire but also develop a solid foundation in acrobatics, fostering a love for movement and the thrill of mastering daring feats. Get ready to flip, twist, and soar to new heights!

Ballet Intensive
June 10-14 & July 8-12

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Your child will indulge in the grace and precision of ballet with our enchanting one-week Ballet Intensive, welcoming dancers of all levels to a world of refined movement and artistic expression. With two hours of daily classes, participants will immerse themselves in the timeless techniques and poise that define classical ballet. From beginners looking to build a strong foundation to intermediate and advanced dancers refining their skills, our intensive offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers fundamental positions, elegant pirouettes, and expressive choreography.

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