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Student Social Events

for all kids ages 2 and up

Social Events for Kids
for the whole Northshore

At LA Dance Academy, we take pride in hosting exceptional student social events. Our events are not just about dance; they’re a vibrant blend of creativity, community, and pure fun, carefully crafted to provide your child with unforgettable experiences and lifelong friendships.

From Student Socials to Movie Nights and Date-Night Drop Offs, our events foster creativity, and bonding, and nurture a sense of belonging. We’ll create moments that will have your child talking about their LA Dance Academy experiences for years to come.

a young girl at a glow in the dark event at LA Dance Academy
a teacher at LA Dance Academy painting a young girls face

“Where fun meets friendship”

Student Social Event
offered once a month

Days & Times:
Event: Spa-tacular Student Social
Date: November 4th
Times: Ages 3-6 – 11 am-1 pm / Ages 7-12 – 2 pm-4 pm
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It’s a day of pampering, relaxation, and fun where your child can indulge in a world of soothing treatments and exciting activities. From mini facials to glittery nail art, our spa-tacular event promises to make every child feel like royalty.

There are themed spa stations, games, and snacks for children to socialize and create unforgettable memories together!

young girls in robes enjoying time together
girl smiling with her hair in a towel and a cucumber on her eye to relax
a couple having a glass of wine over dinner
a couple at the movies laughing and eating popcorn

Date Night Drop-Off
offered monthly

Days & Times:
October 14th, October 27th, November 10th, December 2nd, December 10th
6:30-8:30 pm /6:30-9:30 pm/ 6:30-10:00 pm
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Enjoy a worry-free date night while we provide a safe and engaging environment for your child. Our Date Night Drop-Off event is designed for fun, games, and making new friends, allowing you to relax and savor your evening out.

Movie Night
offered monthly

Days & Times:
6:30-8:30 pm
October 20th, November 3rd, November 25th, December 8th, December 22nd
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Join us for an enchanting Movie Night! It’s a magical evening filled with popcorn, laughter, and heartwarming memories that your child will treasure forever. Bring your blankets and settle in for an unforgettable cinematic adventure!

young girl smiling and eating popcorn while watching a movie
three teenagers watching a movie and eating popcorn
mom at home trying to work with kids playing
dad trying to hear a phone call at home while kids are playing

School Break Social
offered on school holidays

Days & Times:
Half Day: 8:00 am-1 pm
Full Day: 8:00 am – 5 pm
Dates: October 13th, November 20th, November 21st, November 22nd, November 24th, December 22nd, December 28th, December 29th, January 2nd, January 3rd, January 4th, January 5th, January 15th, February 12th, February 13th, February 14th, February 15th, February 16th, March 15th, March 29th, April st, April 2nd, April 3rd, April 4th, April 5th
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What’s your plan for the next school holiday? Take a day off? Arrange for childcare? Instead, consider dropping your child off at our School Break Social.

Interested in signing your child up for a
Social Event?

LA Dance Academy has long been recognized as the best Dance Studio on the Northshore and now we offer Student Social Events.  So don’t wait sign up today!

Please fill out the form or call us at 985-317-2966.

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