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Contemporary Dance Classes

LA Dance Academy offers the most comprehensive Contemporary Dance Class education on the Northshore

Contemporary Dance
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Contemporary dance is a captivating and expressive form of movement that combines lyrical, jazz, and ballet, creating a unique and modern artistic experience. It encourages dancers to explore their creativity, individuality, and emotions through fluid movements, flexibility, and improvisation.

In contemporary dance classes, your child will learn a wide range of techniques such as floor work, release technique, and partnering exercises. They will develop strength, flexibility, coordination, and body awareness while also honing their improvisational skills and musicality.

lyrical students working on their expressive performance in class at LA Dance Academy
beginner contemporary dancers working on floor work in class at LA Dance Academy
beginner contemporary student working on performance and back attitude before performance.

Contemporary I
intermediate Contemporary Dance Classes

Times: 6 pm – 7 pm
Days of the Week: Wednesdays
Tuition: $70/Month
Rolling Enrollment: (Register Now)

Contemporary I will focus on developing core strength, flexibility, and body awareness through various warm-up exercises and across-the-floor movements. Students will learn basic contemporary dance techniques, such as contractions, spirals, and floor work, and will begin to explore different qualities of movement, such as fluidity, sharpness, and weight.

Contemporary II
intermediate Contemporary Dance Classes

Times: 6 pm – 7 pm
Days of the Week: Wednesdays
Tuition: $70/Month
Rolling Enrollment:(Register Now)

In Contemporary II, our Intermediate Contemporary Dance Class, your child will build on the foundational techniques learned in beginner classes and be challenged with more complex movements and combinations. Your child will focus on combining ballet, lyrical, and modern dance with a focus on fluidity, expression, and musicality. They’ll also learn to execute various leaps, turns, and floor work while exploring contractions and release of the spine and body.

advanced contemporary dance students working on articulating footwork
Dancers from LA Dance Academy performing on stage for a Regional Dance Competition in Louisiana.

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