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0-4 year olds with a caregiver

the Best Mommy & Me Classes on the Northshore ages 0-4

A healthier start


Move, groove, and GROW with your little one, while supporting early development milestones. Zumbini is a 45 min class designed for 0-4-year-olds with a caregiver. Children will learn through play while engaging in singing, dancing, and playing instruments.

This program focuses on bonding experiences between kids and parents, kids and kids and parents and parents with the help of a mix of music and movement. Music has huge importance in every kid or toddler’s life. The Zumbini classes use contemporary music with beats along with dance or movement exercises to create a fun and learning experience. Kids participating in these classes develop a sense of musicality and rhythm naturally.

A happy biracial baby girl/ toddler waving her maracas isolated on a white background.

“Where the love of dance begins, and bonds of a lifetime are formed – in the magical world of mommy and me classes.”  | Zumbini Mom

zumbini 45 min class designed for 0-4yr olds with a caregiver to learn through play


Next Session: Kalino Finds The Music
Session Stars: March 6th & March 9th
Days & Times: Wednesdays 10:00 – 10:45 am & Saturdays 9:00- 9:45 am


Take home the music used in class, a corresponding songbook, and a plush doll so you can continue the fun and learning at home!

First child                 $135.00 USD
Additional children         $99.00 USD/each

little boy with maracas, learning through play during a Zumbini class at LA Dance Academy

Emotional Development

Our various rhythms create shifts in the child’s mood—some boosting their energy while others are helping them relax.

mom with baby playing with musical instruments on the floor during a class at LA Dance Academy

Cognitive Development

Music, movement, and instrument play enhances a child’s language, memory, and literacy development.

two toddlers smiling and playing with instruments during a Zumbini class

Social Skill Development

Our classes connect children with their peers through dynamic song, dance, and instrument play.

mom and baby playing drums together during a bonding class at LA Dance Academy

Motor Skill Development

Our dance moves and instrument play throughout the class activates both small and large muscle groups.

mom sitting with baby playing with a instrument during a mommy and me class at LA Dance Academy

Parent-Child Bonding

Promoting connection through shared moments of joy and quality time together.

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