Dazzling Stars Dance Classes

Your preschoolers will learn many things beyond just moving and grooving to the music. Your child will attain coordination and motor skills, musicality, and social skills while learning basic tap, ballet, and tumbling skills.

At the beginning of tap class, your child will use musical instruments in a fun and engaging way to learn and develop hand-eye coordination and musicality. Then your child will use physical activity cards to learn basic tap steps such as marching, hopping, and flaps. Once those basic skills are accomplished, your child will learn basic tap steps, including shuffle, cramp roll, and spank steps.

Ballet will focus on developing your child’s gross motor skills, coordination, balance, and basic dance concepts in a fun and playful way. Your child will work on galloping, walking on their tiptoes, and balancing on one foot. After your child has built on their motor skills and coordination, they will learn plie, tendus, and arabesque.

During tumbling class, your child will learn coordination and motor skills to help them balance and control their bodies, which can contribute to their overall physical development. Your child will learn basic tumbling skills like bear walks, log rolls, and forward rolls.

Dazzling Stars
For Ages 18 months – 3 yrs

Times: 5 pm – 5:45 pm (45- Minute Class)
Days of the Week: Tuesday
Tuition: $55/Month
Rolling Enrollment:
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Is your Preschooler always twirling around the house? The Dazzling Stars Class will teach your Preschooler or Toddler the fundamentals of dance in a fun and active way. This class will explore three different dance styles: ballet, and tumbling.

When is the Dazzling Stars Class?

When enrolling your child in the Dazzling Stars Class, your child will dance on Tuesdays. This class is held once per week.

If you have any questions about scheduling the Dazzling Stars Class and what day your child could attend, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or call us at 985-317-2966 .

Preschoolers in ballet class during Tiny Dancer Class
beginner level lyrical dancers having fun with each other during a choreography session at LA Dance Academy

Required Dancewear for Dazzling Stars

All Students in Dazzling Stars are required to wear the required dancewear at each class.

Each student must wear any color leotard with or without a ballet skirt. Pink, Skin color, or Black Tights.
Our students are also required to wear Pink ballet shoes and Black velcro or buckle tap shoes.

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