Ages 12+

Summer Dance Camps for Kids 12+

Enroll in LA Dance Academy’s Summer Dance Camps and stay active while having fun and learning!

Summer Dance Camps
for teenagers

LA Dance Academy’s Summer Camps are a great way for your teenagers to have a constructive summer, all the while having fun with the instructors who will teach them Dance Skills.

Each of our Summer Camps is limited to a specific number of students, do don’t delay in enrolling your child today. Scroll down to see the Summer Dance Camps for Teenagers, offered by LA Dance Academy.

Summer Dance Camps in Covington, Louisiana, for teenagers. These are some of the students who attended Dance Camp in 2022.

Acro Technique Dance Camp
Ages 12+

Acro Technique Camp is an exciting opportunity for your child to develop the strength, flexibility and coordination to execute current acrobatic tricks found in the dance industry today. If your child has always wanted to get her aerial, back handspring, or a needle this specialized camp is right for them.

Dance Technique Mania
Ages 12+

Dance Technique Mania is focused on specific dance styles like jazz, lyrical and contemporary. If your child loves dance and ready improve quickly this specialized camp is right for them.

Dance Technique Mania will allow your child to take multiple dance style classes. They will also have conditioning and fitness class to help accelerate their skills. Your child will learn choreography from all styles of dance and will participate in a full showcase at the end of the week.

Commercial Dance Intensive Camp
Ages 12+

Commercial Dance Intensive will focus on building technical skills commonly used in commercial dance industry. Your child will explore different dance styles like jazz, hip hop, contemporary and heels. If you child would love to be in a tv commercial or movie this camp is right for them.

Creative Movement and Choreography Camp
Ages 12+

Creative Movement & Choreography camp will allow your child to explore their creativity and develop their own artistic style through movement and dance. If your child is always making up dance routines at home, this is the right camp for them.

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