Dance Classes by Ages

At LA Dance Academy we offer Dance Classes and Lessons for kids of all ages.

Preschool Dance Classes at LA Dance Academy
Dance Classes for Toddlers in Covington LA

Preschool Dance Classes
Start your little Dancer off on the right foot

Starting your child’s dance journey off with the best instructors is important. LA Dance Academy specializes in working with your young child. Parents love our Tiny Dancer classes, and they are perfect for teaching your child’s dance instruction in a fun and educational manner.

Ages 4-6
Take the next step with our Experienced Instructors

LA Dance Academy offers a variety of Dance Classes for our students who are ages 4-6. Your child will learn and develop their dance skills in a fun and supportive environment. There is a reason why more parents start their kid’s dance journey with LA Dance than any other Dance Studio in the Covington area.

Dance Classes for Kids age 4-6 in Covington.
Kids Dance Classes, stretching before their Ballet lessons
Ballet Lessons for Kids in Covington.
Dance Lessons in Covington LA for kids that are between ages 6 and 11.

Beginner-Level Dance Classes 
Let’s Get Moving

Our Beginner-Level Dance Classes are specifically designed for children ages 6 and up taking their first dance classes. These classes will keep your child having fun while learning the fundamentals of dance, setting them up for success.

Intermediate-Level Dance Classes
For When Your Child Levels Up

Our Intermediate-Level Dance Classes are the dance classes of choice for parents looking to take their child’s dance instruction to the next level. These classes are popular with Students who are looking to change from their current studio when it doesn’t offer the expertise that LA Dance Academy does.

Intermediate Dance Classes, a group of our Dance Students from Covington.
Intermediate Ballet Lessons and Classes, performing a recital in Covington.
Advanced Dance Students at LA Dance Academy.
One of our experienced Dance Students performing a split at LA Dance Academy.

Advanced-Level Dance Classes 
Perfect your Dance Skills

Whether your child is taking lessons at a different studio and looking for better instructors and classes, or you have a natural talent, our Advanced-Level Dance Classes are perfect for more advanced dancers.

Adult Classes
Come Move with Us

LA Dance Studio doesn’t only teach children and teenagers how to dance. We also offer Dance Classes and Instruction for Adults. Our Adult Dance Classes are a great way for you to get some exercise and have fun learning how to dance.

Some of the adults from our Dance Classes for Adults, hanging out at LA Dance Academy.
Dance Classes for Adults at LA Dance Academy.

Interested in signing your child up for Dance Education?

LA Dance Academy has long been recognized as the best Dance Studio on the Northshore. Our Classes often fill up months in advance, so don’t wait!

Please fill out the form or call us at 985-317-2966.

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