Year-Round Dance Classes

Dance Classes All Year

School is out and you’re probably looking for something fun and educational for your child to do. Here at LA Dance Academy, we offer a wide variety of dance classes all year long for the children of Covington and Mandeville, along with surrounding areas.

Year round classes prevent the loss of momentum and skills that often occur during long breaks. You will see a quicker advancement in your child’s skills with our year-long classes.

young girl working on her scorpion in class at LA Dance Academy
young dancers in intro to lyrical class hugging
young lyrical dancer working on her technique with a student assistant
young dancer working on her passa during ballet class

Preschool Classes

These classes are designed specifically for children between the ages of 2 and 6 who are eager to explore the world of dance and movement. This dynamic and engaging class offers a combination of three popular dance disciplines – tap, ballet, and tumbling – providing a well-rounded dance experience for young dancers.

beginner-advanced levels

Jazz dance is a form of dance that is energetic, expressive, and fun. It incorporates a wide range of movements including jumps, turns, kicks, and leaps, and is often set to upbeat, modern music. Jazz dance can be a great way for children ages 5 and up to develop their coordination, flexibility, and strength creatively through movement.

Intermediate Jazz Dance Classes at LA Dance Academy
lyrical students working on their expressive performance in class at LA Dance Academy
young tumbling student doing a back bend while she smiles at LA Dance Academy

beginner-advanced levels

Our Tumbling & Acro classes are designed for children aged 6 and up, welcoming all skill levels from beginners to advanced acrobats. Our classes focus on building the foundational skills of tumbling through advanced acrobatics. Your child will learn flexibility, strength, balance, and coordination. Children will learn a variety of movements ranging from basic rolls and cartwheels to more advanced techniques like back handsprings and aerials, all within a safe and supportive environment.

beginner-advanced levels

Ballet classes offer a unique blend of physical discipline, artistic expression, and mental focus, making them an invaluable addition to any child’s development. Ballet teaches foundational skills that are beneficial not only in dance but in life.

By engaging in ballet all year long, children can continuously improve their technique, strength, and flexibility, which promotes discipline, resilience, and attention to detail. Children that fully immerse themselves in the art form, lead to more significant progress and a deeper appreciation for the beauty and discipline of ballet.

intermediate ballet student working on her posture at the ballet barre
teacher at LA Dance Academy helping her students achieve proper alignment
beginner lyrical student working on her back flexibility and lyrical movement
dancer in intro to lyrical class working on her performance for the annual recital

beginner-advanced levels

In lyrical dance, your child will learn to convey a narrative or express emotions using their body, facial expressions, and the music’s lyrics. Dancers use flowing, sweeping movements, leaps, turns, and extensions to portray the essence of the music and convey a sense of lyricism and poetry.

beginner-advanced levels

In contemporary dance classes, your child will learn a wide range of techniques such as floor work, release technique, and partnering exercises. They will develop strength, flexibility, coordination, and body awareness while also honing their improvisational skills and musicality.

contemporary dancer working on floorwork during contemporary II dance class
advanced contemporary dancer working on her floorwork during contemporary II class
young girl working on her firebird leap in turns and leap class
jazz dancer working on her c jump in jazz class

Leaps & Turns
beginner-advanced levels

Our Turns and Leaps classes are designed to elevate dancers’ technical skills and add skill to their performances. This class focuses on mastering the art of pirouettes with precision and achieving elevation in leaps. Students will explore a variety of turning and leaping techniques, from basic pirouettes and jetés to more complex a la seconde turns and switch tilts, all aimed at enhancing your child’s agility, strength, and control.

beginner-advanced levels

Tap Dance is a form of dance that uses special shoes with metal plates on the sole to create rhythmic sounds and patterns. Your child’s feet become a percussion instrument striking the floor with different parts of the foot to create various sounds and rhythms. Tap class is a great way for your child to develop rhythm, coordination, and musicality.

two young dancers smiling while taking a tap dance class
advanced tap student in a forst arch toe stand in tap class at LA Dance Academy

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