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Intro Lyrical Dance Classes

This class is perfect for anyone new to dance or has limited experience with ballet or lyrical dance. Your child will explore the art of lyrical dance, which combines elements of ballet and contemporary dance styles to create a beautiful, expressive form of movement.

Your child will begin the class with a warm-up to get their body ready for dancing. Then, they will move into the technique portion of the class, focusing on developing the foundational skills necessary for lyrical dance. This will include learning proper posture, alignment, and basic dance steps.

After your child has covered the basics, they will begin incorporating lyrical dance’s emotional and expressive elements. Lyrical dance is about telling a story through movement, so we will work on interpreting music and lyrics with our bodies. We will explore fluid, sweeping movements and learn to connect with the music on a deeper level.

Your child will also focus on building strength, flexibility, and coordination throughout the class. Your child will work on developing the stamina and control necessary to execute the movements with grace and ease.

Our experienced dance instructor will provide guidance and support every step of the way, creating a safe and positive environment for their learning journey. By the end of the class, they will better understand lyrical dance and feel confident expressing themselves through movement.


Ballet Master Class

One Week unlimited

4 Week Session Class

Beginner Ballet Classes at LA Dance Academy

Required Dancewear for Jazz III

Any color leotard, hot shorts, capris, or pants
Tan Slip-On Jazz Shoes
Tan Hard Sole Tap Shoes

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