Leaps & Turns I Classes

Enroll your Child to allow them to learn more about Jazz Dance at LA Dance Academy.

Leaps & Turns I
beginner/intermediate level

In our Leaps & Turns I, class, your child will start learning and mastering the fundamental skills to execute intermediate-level leaps and turns.

Your child will be introduced to a range of leaps and turns, starting with basic variations and gradually progressing to more complex combinations.

Through guided instruction and demonstrations, students will learn the correct technique for executing leaps, such as saute’ de chat, tilt jumps and second leaps and multiple pirouettes, a la seconde turns, and leg hold turns.

During this class your child will gain the confidence and skill necessary to execute leaps and turns with grace and poise, laying the groundwork for their future growth as dancers.

jazz dancer working on her c jump in jazz class
jazz dancer doing a firebird leap in jazz progressions class

Leaps & Turns I

Times: 7 pm – 8 pm
Days of the Week: Wednesday
Tuition: $70/Month
Fall Season Begins: July 12th
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In our 4- week leaps & turns class your child will focus on all turns, leaps, and tricks that are commonly used in jazz, lyrical and contemporary choreography! If your child is looking to take their skills to the next level this is the right class for them.


When is the Leaps & Turns Class?

When enrolling your child in the Ballet II Class your child will dance with us on Wednesdays from 7 – 8 pm. ┬áThis class is held once per week.

If you have any questions about scheduling the Leaps & Turns I Class and what day your child could attend, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or call us at 985-317-2966 .

jazz dancer working on her passa for turns in jazz class

Required Dancewear for Leaps & Turns I

Any color leotard, hot shorts, capris, or pants
Tan Slip-On Jazz Shoes or Pirouettes

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