Funky Fusion Dance Classes

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A Perfect Intro Combo Class
Beginner Classes

Your child will learn a unique blend of dance styles in this class, including hip-hop, jazz, jazz funk, and contemporary, in our Funky Fusion Dance Class. Your child needs no prior dance experience to enjoy this class. We want everyone to feel comfortable and confident in their abilities and to enjoy the process of learning to dance.

Your child will start with a warm-up to get their body moving and ready for Dance. Your child will then move on to learning basic steps and across-the-floor combinations that combine different dance styles to create a funky and fun dance class.

Our experienced instructor will break down each step and combination, so your child can follow along easily and confidently. Your child will focus on building flexibility, strength, and coordination as they progress through the class.

As your child continues, they will begin to incorporate some freestyle elements, encouraging them to experiment with their style and movement. This is a great way to build confidence and have fun while dancing.


Ballet Master Class

One Week unlimited

4 Week Session Class

Beginner Ballet Classes at LA Dance Academy

Required Dance wear for Jazz Funk Dance Classes

Any color leotard, hot shorts, capris, or pants
Tan Slip-On Jazz Shoes
Tan Hard Sole Tap Shoes

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