Dance Classes for Kids Ages 4-6

LA Dance Academy offers comprehensive Dance Lessons and Classes for Kids ages 4-6

Combo Dance Classes for kids in Covington and Mandeville.
young kids smiling during ballet class at LA Dance Academy

Dance Combo Classes
the perfect introduction to dance

The Combo Dance Classes at LA Dance Academy are perfect for your little Dancer. If they’re beginning their dance education, our Combo Classes will set them on the right path. Your child will learn tap, ballet, and tumbling within the one-hour class once a week.

Tip, Tap, Tumble Classes
fun, dance, and memories

Our Tip, Tap, Tumble Dance Class is a fun-filled dance class for your child! In this class, your little ones will have the opportunity to learn and explore three exciting styles of dance: tap, ballet, and tumbling in a fun and creative way.

Gymnastics Dance Classes Mandeville Louisiana.
two young dancers smiling while taking a tap dance class
young lyrical dancer working on her technique with a student assistant
young lyrical dancer from LA Dance Academy working on her technique in lyrical class

Intro to Lyrical Dance Classes
learn a new style of dance

In our Intro to Lyrical Class, your child will explore the art of lyrical dance, which combines elements of ballet and contemporary dance styles to create a beautiful, expressive form of movement.

Hip Hoppers Dance Classes
our intro hip-hop Dance class

The Hip Hoppers Dance Class is an exciting beginner-level introduction to hip-hop dance’s vibrant and dynamic world. This class is designed for students new to hip-hop dance who want to learn the basics of this popular dance style.

Hip Hop Dance Classes for Boys, Girls in Covington Louisiana.
Hip Hop Dance Classes Covington Louisiana

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